Happy Rickshaw History

Chrisoph & Ian, Founders

Competitors, Friends, Partners.

Ian Ayers and Christoph Herby forged their friendship as elite competitive road cyclists as undergrads on the UVa Cycling Team.  Both earned div. III professional cycling contracts in 2004, racing for Colavita/Sutter Home and Rite Aid.  After two grueling years of racing around the US, the high-performance duo eventually sought a diversion from the rigors of the pro peloton in Charlottesville.  On a hot, sunny day in July of 2006, Christoph and Ian went on a bike ride and brainstormed ideas for a company.  The last idea was the best idea.

Writing on the wall.

Ian's childhood dreaming.

Christoph's world travelling.

Take it to the streets.

Happy Rickshaw purchased four pedicabs in August 2006, and service officially began on Sept. 1, 2006.  Working in an expansive warehouse space at the IX Project, Ian and Christoph spent many long days turning wrenches, propositioning, and laughing.  Happy Rickshaw IS it's happy happy drivers, and nothing is a greater pleasure than hitting the streets with a giddy crew of rickshaw lovin' drivers.


Ian and Christoph maintained a blog that chronicled their cycling lives.  The blog was colorful and funny, and can still be found at:  www.2skinnypros.com.


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