After reading through these questions, you ought to have a pretty good idea about how we operate.

What is a rickshaw?

Bicycle rickshaws, people! A rickshaw (also known as a “pedicab” or “pedal cab”) is a three-wheeled specialty bicycle equipped with seatbelts, safety lights, and powerful disc brakes that can carry up to 3 passengers.  Check out some photos to see what they look like.

How do I get a ride?

There are two ways to get a ride.

1) Hail a rickshaw when you’re out

  1. See a rickshaw rolling by
  2. Think quick! Shout “Hey, can I get a ride?!?”
  3. Approach the rickshaw (caution: they're friendly)
  4. GET IN
  5. Confirm the destination & fare
  6. Smile, enjoy, pay


2) Make a reservation or schedule charter service

Visit our Reservation page for information about formalizing a reservation or to setup a chartered event

When do you run the rickshaws?

We run them mainly during evenings when people are out. We’re typically out on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. We also run them during local special events and for chartered events. View our special event list.

Where do you run the rickshaws?

Our service area includes the UVA Grounds, the Corner & Rugby Road area, the West Main St. corridor, and the Charlottesville Downtown.  For more details, visit our When & Where page.

How far can you go?

How much money do you have? No, but seriously… we need to stay within service area ###. Anywhere within the service area is fair game. We can transport the rickshaws to operate outside of our service area at chartered events.

How much does a ride cost?

Generally, between $2 and $7 a person. Drivers dictate the fare. The fare is based on many factors: how far, # passengers, how much time it takes, the service demand, up/down hill, driver mood.

Should I tip? How much?

Tips are great! Let’s say the fare is $8- a $2 tip would be nice. Did your driver needed to make special accommodations for you, like wait extra long for your friends to come out of the bar, pedal up a big-arse hill, or tell a good story?

“Are you guys doing this for charity?”

No. However, it sometimes feels like it.

Who owns these pedicabs?

Happy Rickshaw, LLC, a company founded by two University graduates Ian Ayers & Christoph Herby, owns the pedicabs. You can read about our company history!

Who drives the rickshaws?

Awesome guys and gals. We’d like you to meet them. Visit our Happy Drivers page. Drivers are insured and trained. We even have a training manual with a smiley-face on the cover.

Are they hard to pedal?

Only on steep hills are the rickshaws difficult to pedal. On flat road, or on slight uphills, drivers can pedal comfortably. Passengers sometimes say that they feel bad for making the driver pedal; hey, don’t feel bad! The drivers LOVE pedaling these ‘shaws! Even if it’s hard for a minute up a hill- it’s a great workout!

Where did you get the rickshaws?

We bought ‘em from Main Street Pedicabs. Only the best quality pedicabs for our passengers.

“Do you guys need a license to operate these things?”

Well, not by the laws of Charlottesville… But, fortunately, we have consciences and we opted to purchase insurance. Other cities that have pedicabs require that operators attain a minimum amount of liability insurance and follow specific pedicab laws. Since pedicabs are new to Charlottesville, there aren’t any formal laws on the books. Pedicabs are subject to bicycle laws.



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