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Happy Rickshaw is a pedicab service operated by two UVA gradsEighteen happy guys & gals pedal bicycle taxis around Charlottesville.  A ride generally costs around $2-$7 per person, and the drivers keep most of their earnings.

It's super fun.


» (18-June)  Alumni Newsletter!  I guess we shuttled around enough alumni during graduation weekend to draw the attention of the Alumni Association.  We are featured in this month's Alumni e-Newsletter.  There's even a video segment, filmed in the 100+ degree steamy VA heatwave!

(7-June)  Wedding Rickshaw!  After a few parade laps, the bride and groom together rolled happily into the night.  See the photos.

(18-May)  UVA Graduation 2008!  Happy Rickshaw brigtened the already-beautiful day and pedaled about 500 people around Grounds.

» (25-April)  Happy Rickshaw on TV!  We were featured on A Greener Charlottesville. Read the article.

» Happy Rickshaw is hiring.  Please email us if you are interested in driving one of these bad boys in Fall 2008.


 CASH only

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In addition to weekend/weekday service, find us here:
  (list of Fall 2007 events)

  • Nov 24:  UVA FB, VA Tech
  • Nov 6:  JPJ:  The Police
  • Nov 4:  JPJ:  UVA B-Ball
  • Nov 3:  UVA FB, Wake Forest
  • Oct 8:  JPJ:  Maroon 5
  • Oct 13:  UVA FB, Connecticut
  • Sept 29:  UVA FB, Pittsburgh
  • Sept 27:  JPJ- Bob Dylan
  • Sept 8:  UVA FB:  Duke

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